Industrial Valves are an essential piece of equipment within every branch of the manufacturing industry and they are heavily utilised within the oil and gas industry, chemical plants and water drainage systems. At Vanguard, we offer industrial valves that vary in size and can withhold a range of pressures regulating the flow of semi-solids, liquids and gases, catering to each and every industry.



Drilling types of equipment are widely used in oilfield supply stores in both land and offshore markets for designing and forming the top of the line drill rigs, especially for the minerals drilling industries. Such Drill Rigs are working on every continent in the world and are mostly used for mineral exploration drilling, geothermal drilling, construction drilling, water well drilling etc.
We at Vanguard are specialised in supplying the best drilling equipment which has earned the reputation of erecting the best drilling rigs today. The OEM’s we work with are known for their rugged dependability and low maintenance. Services provided by our team has allowed us to offer the best equipment for a wide range of drill rig models that satisfy a variety of needs, including auger drilling, wet rotary drilling, core drilling, and down-the-hole hammer drilling. Our clients also receive an unmatched service and support that you won’t find anywhere else.



Troubleshoot and keep attractive your administration with our maintenance, repair tools and spare parts. Vanguard Solutions has the expertise to procure all such MRO tools viz. hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools and milling tools for our clients and keeping in mind their changing requirements.
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Rotary equipment is the given categorisation for mechanical devices that provide kinetic energy to an operation enabling it to move. Rotating equipment is seen in various mechanisms throughout the process industry sector and it consists of components that move solids, liquids or gases through a series of drivers, driven components and the transmission devices. This type of application can be usually found in steam or gas turbines.
The steam turbines act as a potential driver, using high-pressure steam to stimulate the rotary equipment such as the forced/induced-draft fans, pumps or air compressors. Whereas the gas turbines can either use compressed air to drive the generator or use “scoop tubes” as a fluid coupling to drive the rotating equipment. Operating this equipment can be fairly risky, and workers should be careful and take the right precautions in order to avoid injuries.



Buoyed by the technological advancements, growth in the market is largely reliant on significant levels of investments in manufacturing facilities. A major driving force for growth in the market is the increase in global energy needs and the following development in oil & gas exploration, energy generation and petroleum refining activities. All such sectors are expected to spur demand for industrial pumps designed to meet the industrial standard and specialised applications. Pumps are available with or without electric motors. They are utilised mainly to displace material like chemical, petroleum, wastewater, oil, sludge, slurry or food. At Vanguard, we source reliable Industrial pumps and spare parts that approve client’s expectations.



Industrial processing equipment encompasses a wide range of products and spares that are destined for critical requirements within a variety of downstream manufacturing sectors. Such process equipment plays a major role in many reactions or operations that are not possible under normal environmental conditions related to temperature, pressure or safety purposes. Modern technological advancements in the industrial processing equipments used in industrial sectors such as oil and gas, mining, general manufacturing and construction etc can have a considerable impact on the speed, quality and volume of production levels and plant profitability. We at Vanguard take a very close look at the requirements to get a better understanding of the type of process equipment and accessories are required by our clients.




Maintenance, Repair and Operations functions in tandem with every aspect of the processing and manufacturing industry in general. Experts with aim of better product safety and proper mechanical component maintenance design MRO management programs. Manufacturing Facilities are steadily crowding with more equipment and there is huge pressure on maintenance staff to keep production facilities running without any interruption. MRO helps workers to increase uptime and reliability at a lower cost by allowing them to predict and prevent equipment failure. Heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, loaders, draglines etc have different maintenance requirements. We have the expertise to procure all such MRO tools, spares for our clients keeping in mind their changing requirements.



Industrial Oil, chemicals and industrial lubricants are essential to the process industry. Industrial oils can be used in various types of machines and vehicles and hence are available in a variety including gear oils, air compressor oils and hydraulic oils to rock drill oils, turbine oils and low-toxicity oils. Whereas the chemicals can be mixed to increase fuel efficiency or to protect equipment from corrosion. Lubricants are essential to the process industry. They are used to reduce the amount of friction between the moving surfaces such as rotary equipment, which in turn ensures the smooth running of the machinery. The most popular types of lubricants are motor oils, marine oils, silicone, greases, turbine oils, metalworking fluids, cutting fluids, grinding fluids, farming oils, gas engine oils, brake oils, hydraulic oils, etc.