Vanguard’s Drilling Division owns and manages both onshore and offshore drilling rigs. We have successfully completed offshore drilling projects in Greece, Turkey, India, Bulgaria, the Mediterranean, Bangladesh, and the Arabian Gulf. Onshore, we have completed the highest elevation well in Greece and multiple delineation drilling projects in Turkey, Bangladesh and the Arabian Gulf.

We have developed a unique expertise in offshore drilling through projects spanning: Operations and Management (O&M) services across the globe; our fleet of barge rigs in Gulf of Mexico and our arctic–class barge rig in the Caspian; as well as engineering, project management and construction support. With a total fleet of six rigs in operation we have the capacity to match our experience and a proven track record of performance that marks us out as one of the best in the business. We continue to invest in our rigs to improve efficiency and safety performance ensuring our rigs are equipped for zero-discharge operations and suitable for a variety of drilling programs in coastal and federal waters, particularly for deep drilling.  Contact us to discuss how we can help with your drilling requirements.

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Vanguard provides land drilling services that put in place the best strategies, systems and equipment before production begins. Fueled by our fleet of, well-maintained, rigs — which are available on an international scale — in addition to our highly experienced and accomplished team members, Vanguard Drilling is the go-to provider of customized drilling solutions for onshore rig operations.

  • Safety: Safety should be the top priority for all drilling operations, and is treated as a foundational element in all of our land drilling solutions. Enhancing the safety of rig personnel comes in many forms, from the appropriate training and personal development to optimized maintenance programs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Managing a drilling project and administering needed maintenance can dictate the cost-effectiveness of a project. With drilling services for onshore rig operations, Vanguard Drilling can customize our industry-leading services based on the client’s scope in order to provide the most cost-effective solutions possible.
  • Minimal rig time: By streamlining each phase of your projects life cycle (FEED, EPCM, O&M), our land drilling services are able to help our customers mitigate risk and reduce cost, which is a foundational goal for all drilling operations.
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