We supply engineering solutions to reservoirs to increase productivity and enhance oil and gas recovery. We perform efficient and effective fractures using our exceptionally experienced and motivated teams. Our diverse team provides operational efficiency, safety and optimum productivity to our clients and their wells. Vanguard Oil gas seeks to foster environmental stewardship in the oil and gas industry by reducing hydraulic fracturing emissions.

DryFracTM Waterless Fracturing Technology

Vanguard now offers oil and gas producers DryFrac™ waterless fracturing technology, a process that completely replaces water in hydraulic fracturing with carbon dioxide (CO2). In water sensitive or pressure depleted formations, a 100% CO2 fracture will flow more readily, enabling the initial production rate and ultimate recovery to be higher than it is with water or foam mixtures. The CO2 reduces formation and water blockage damage, helping you increase production and recovery rates of your oil and gas well.

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Energized Fluid Fracturing

As a trusted supplier of targeted products and services to the well services industry, we supply liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide, transportation and logistic services, and primary pressure pumping to support energized fluid fracturing (fracing) throughout North America. We also operate a number of strategically located plants, a specialized fleet of vehicles, and dedicated pumping equipment. Depending on your geography, we are able to provide complementary nitrogen and carbon dioxide services to meet your oil field needs through an extensive network of subsidiary and joint venture partners. Let us help you tap into the unconventional.



  • Multi-zone conventional wells hydraulic fracturing
  • Multi-zone unconventional wells hydraulic fracturing
  • Extended-reach laterals hydraulic fracturing
  • All re-fracturing operations
  • Diversion technologies
  • Full laboratory capabilities and R&D (friction loop, HTHP fluid analysis, water analysis for fluid systems)
  • Project management of multiple segments to enhance frac operations

Equipment and Resources

  • 2500 hhp high pressure fracturing pumps
  • High-rate blenders
  • Hydration units
  • 500 bbl mixing tanks
  • 500 bbl storage tanks
  • 7000 gal road tankers for raw acid and water
  • Bulk transportation of proppant
  • Realtime data acquisition systems
  • Job simulation software
  • Multinational workforce
  • 2” & 3” Choke manifolds and accessories
  • Certified pumping irons
  • Acid storage tanks & chemical storage area
  • Central and mobile laboratories
  • Frac manifolds
  • Chemical add units
  • Sand storage units
  • Auto-fueling systems